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Heat death of languages

Head death of languages (essay)


Quick Recipe for Anachronist Video Game

Taking inspiration from Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and other games of similar concept; and using a full body game controller like XBox’s Kinect, create a Orchestra Conductor Game.

The idea is simple: put the gamer in front of a simulated orchestra and let him learn that all that gimmicky is actually hard work. Forgot to cue the violas ? Disaster ensues. Time for a change of tempo ? Beat that measure or else… Missed the opportunity of that dramatic crescendo ? A drowsiness spell falls on the public .

This basic idea can, of course, lead to wonderful variations. The gamer could, for example, choose from a variety of famous composers, orchestras, conductors and even specific performances. There could be a multiplayer mode, with other gamers occupying  the seats at the strings, woodwinds, brasses and percussions. Imagine the sequels: “Orchestral Wonder: Chamber Magic”, “Orchestral Wonder: A Night at the Opera”, “Orchestral Wonder: Concertanti”… the possibilities are endless.

What I love the most about this concept is the subversion on the feedback visuals and sounds. If you are being world class, the public will stay extatic and static, silent and still. If you start to mess up, people will start to shift on the seats. Start to drop the ball and you’ll hear some coughs here and there, and that lady at the front row will appear definetely sleepy. If you really tangle everything, people will start to whisper, someone will noisily unwrap a candy drop.

If you really ruin everything, a cellphone will ring. And the person will answer.

(As my friend M. says — it would only sell 7 copies, but those 7 people would adore it !)