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The Archarcher

The arrow passes, swift and silent—
I almost said unwavering
frame-draggingBut then the floor nudged me, reproachful.

It doesn’t matter :

The arrow might slow,
it might shift,
it might curve ;

It won’t miss.

It will always at last
lead us to death.



Psychography is all writing

The text knows better than the hand
A channel opens and it flows
I keep aside, doing my best to not disturb
A mystical sensation

I once believed in magic, thought of ghosts
Now I believe in electrons exchanging photons
And quarks exchanging gluons
(And then there’s gravity — if you still want to talk about mysteries)
The ghosts have abandoned me

But the text — oh the text
It still flows direct
From gyri to screen

As usual

Surfaces scatter the particles
As usual
Nothing changed: this yellowing of everything
Must be coming from inside

Vibrations triumph over boundaries
As ever
Tears and spit and blood and sperm and urine
My liquids dry from themselves

Instants collapse my prospects
As card houses
The dice won’t hold me in planned derision
But surely they’ll just ignore me


A primeira vez que vi Tereza
Não soube se era homem ou mulher
Não parecia um ou outro
Mas um boizim de batata
Esbarrei com ela de novo, na rua
Andamos uns dez quarteirões falando de tudo
Logo uma coisa vibrou me dizendo
Que aquele armário normando com pernas de gente
Tinha recheio de nutella
California Sea LionAnos mais tarde pensei nela
Vendo os leões marinhos, latejantes, se esbaterem em borrifos
No Píer 41 em São Francisco

* * *

(Este poemeto mandei para a 6a Bienal dos Piores Poemas, da Oficcina Multimédia. Não ganhou nem menção desonrosa, mas me deu enorme prazer escrevê-lo.)